Inspired by the Sea


This past January we posted about Thomas Paul's naughtical collection that Design Sponge had previewed at the NY Gift Fair. And since then we've been seeing more sea-inspired designs pop up that we thought they were worthy of a mention again. The Thomas Paul collection is now available online now too (which it wasn't when we first posted about them).

No. 1 - Shipped Pillow, Thomas Paul
No. 2 - Tin Art - JK Smithson,
No. 3 - Naughtical Pins, Thomas Paul
No. 4 - Anchor Pillow, Thomas Paul
No. 5 - Whale Pillow, Thomas Paul
No. 6 - Ship Print, Tugboat Printshop
No. 7 - Ship Tote, Thomas Paul

Jan Halvarson

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