A Handmade Mother's Day Showcase

Sculpted morel mushrooms (earthenware clay) by Lily Pottery; Pearl Emi brooch & hair clip from Feisty Elle; Daisy necklace from Mama's Little Babies

We've created a showcase of handmade items today we thought might be nice for Mother's Day. These are just a few of one's we've noticed online, and hope to bring a few more within the next week. We also invite you to visit our Mother's Day & Kids Market for more amazing handmade goods.


Handpainted Trinket Dish Upcycled from Token Emotion; Sierra Botanical Natural Perfume by Illuminated Perfume; Hand embroidered quote by Fieldguided from Bakers Dozen


Custom eggcups from BrooklynREHAB; Linen branch mini wallet from Jewelweeds; Love necklace from Finch Metal


Daydream Charm Necklace by Corrieberry Pie; Recycled tine and brass earrings from Little Black Rabbit; Custom monogrammed towel by Chez Sucre Chez


Lace Necklace from Fox & Clover; Candy Pop - Organza Flower Necklace from Erase and Repeat; Patriotic Plaid Flower Brooch by Vividot; Sterling Silver and Gold Ginko Earrings from Bluepoppy

Jan Halvarson


Silke Powers said...

Fantastic showcase you put together there! I love it all!! :) Silke

our little love nest said...

LOOOVE Lilly's mushrooms!!xo
Everything looks so good! I love that I am a mom.xo

Molly said...

Thanks so much for including Vivi Dot!

Zoe said...

Cute mushrooms!!

jamieofalltrades said...

Nice stuff! And a great reminder not to forget Mom!

lily pottery said...

thank you so much for including my mushrooms!!! everything is so lovely!!!

Alyssa Zygmunt said...

I've been eyeing that lace necklace. Thanks for including my cups. Nice to see a few different options to make it special and personalized.

I {heart} my mom!

Carlee said...

Absolutely amazing stuffs and are perfect for Mother's Day gifts.