Vancouver Shopping Guide: Room 6


Last November I started planning to do a Vancouver shopping guide, which to my dismay is still on the "to do" list. But one shop got covered thanks to it's owner, Megan of Room 6 in Deep Cove (a suburb of Vancouver, well actually North Vancouver). I asked Megan if she would take a few pictures of her shop, as I never get down that way, (it's probably an hour's drive or more from us), and she obliged so kindly. (I honestly don't know where the time is flying, as this post should have been up eons ago). I was actually waiting till I had more to add to it. But now I've decided to post this one at least and then we will tackle all the others, one store at a time, for however long it takes. So I'm more than honoured to showcase Room 6 as the first for this series. Room 6 you'll also be happy to hear, has an online shop, so many of the goodies shown here (plus many many more) - I've been eyeing these Soia & Kyo trench coats for one! It's so great to see all these amazing products (we covet) available in our town from Orla Kiely to sweet Kokeshi Dolls and handmade items like ceramics from Paige Russell! Thanks Megan!

Note how Megan used Ikea's shelving units and side tables to decorate her store. Those yellow side tables look so great like that.


Love the view of the cove in the background of this picture - Smoking Lily Tea Towel: navy with flowers.

So love this! perch! diego desk lamp with purple wings.


4389 gallant avenue
deep cove, north vancouver
british columbia, canada
v7g 1l1

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

More Canadian content please. Especially Vancouver, seeing that is your domain. And mine.
Love this store! Always full of cool treasures...

Anonymous said...

Oooh! What a treasure trove! I feel like flying over there right now!

Sara LeeAnn said...

Some great finds! I adore the yellow side tables!

kiddlebug said...

I love the way that everything is displayed. Just beautiful. I need to go on a road trip...especially this time of year!

Dallas Shaw said...

i adore perch...

Jean said...

Ooh! I gotta go there next time I visit vancouver! shop shop!

Stacie said...

What a great shop! That trench is definately wishlist worthy.

Chocolate and Steel said...

beautiful shop. I love the tree on the back wall. It's such a nice subtle addition.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Jan you should include more local coverage in your blog. You've covered nearly every area EXCEPT Vancouver, your hometown.
Vancouver and surrounding regions, (like Victoria, Whistler...), are chockfull of amazing treasures in art, design, shopping etc
Please act locally and support your talented neighbours!

Jamie-Lynn said...

The trench coat is gorgeous!

Those little yellow tables are awesome and I noticed the large trunk in the same picture is on its side, that's a great idea!

Toujours Dimanche said...

What a cute shop.
I am starting a business and searching for inspirations for the sign. The one they got is lovely and original, i love it, as the Hi in the door.