Special Guest Post: by Design is Mine

It's Summer from Design is Mine again here. Today I would like to talk a little more about Portland, Oregon, specifically a group of ladies that reside here.

It all began last Autumn with a bunch of girls who shared two things in common: a love of photography and mutual online friendships. Together they decided to meet on a farm (owned by the family of one of the organizers), bringing with them their favorite cameras, tall boots, and great energy. It was a day remembered fondly by all who were involved, and resulted in some truly gorgeous photographs.

Fast-forward to last month, when it was decided that another event would be held, this time at an old local amusement park, which was closed for the season. I was lucky to have been able to be a part of it. I have to say that there is little more inspiring than being surrounded by a large group of women that ooze talent and courage (believe me, it takes courage to snap away photographs and be other people's model).

This is now turning into a monthly event and is something that completely makes me fall in love with Portland all over again. The ever-flowing creativity is almost overwhelming at times.


Photographs above by unruly things, moxiee, Amy Nieto, abbytrysagain, and koreana. More photographs from the events, including my own, can be found here.

Jan Halvarson


Jill said...

looooooovely, my heart aches for Portland too, I lived there for 8 years, must. go back!!!

cori said...

great post summer :)
can't wait to see you at the next meetup!

Anonymous said...

man, those images just made me smile. what is it about them? not sure. but happiness ensued.