Paris flowers, giveaways and sales

The community artists of Poppytalk Handmade are really hitting it out of the ballpark these days with posts at The Handmade Artist, (our PHM community blog). The talented Michele Maule is having a giveaway at her blog (for the entire month it looks like)! Click here for more info! Kari from Kari Herer Photography just got back from a trip to Paris and shot some beautiful photos of the flower stands there. Heather Smith Jones and Alicia Alferman are inviting you to notice with them at the Noticing Project, Jo Bradford is offering a spring discount. And Lisa from Kiki and Polly just added some new affordable new prints (image below) to her shop. Click here to visit the main blog.

Jan Halvarson


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heather smith jones said...

So much goodness! Thanks Jan again and again, for all that you do!

Jan Halvarson said...

heather - i just noticed I didn't link to your name in my rush. just fixed.

heather smith jones said...

oh, no prob!
thanks jan!