New Prints from Restless Things


Some new prints from UK's Olivia Jeffries of Restless Things. She emailed us this week with these words:

"For each day that I work in my studio I aim to clear my mind and create one simple, small drawing inspired by the things around me without the constraints of trying to create a 'finished' piece of work. A few people have contacted me recently to ask if I might be making prints from these sketches and I thought it might be nice to offer some small editions of some of my favorites. So I have four new prints in an extremely limited edition of 12 of each available from today..." Click here to visit her shop.

Jan Halvarson


Daniela Valdez said...

I love your blog!! I enjoy very much reading it!!

Do you want to exchange links?

Anonymous said...

I've been following her work and am really pleased that she's offering prints now... yay!

lisa solomon said...

these are beautiful