New KG & AB

I leave you this morning with these new porcelain mixed nuts I found from Brooklyn's KG & AB yesterday and instantly fell for. I'm off to a meeting but hope to be back in time this afternoon to catch you all and post Summer's last post of her Special Guest series with us.

Jan Halvarson


kiddlebug said...

Those are great!

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

Wow, how pretty they would look in a white bowl, almost invisible but not :)

I fear my cats would use them like shuttlecocks though...they already do with some stones I have in a pretty ginko leaf dish

gh said...

These are very nice. Glad to be turned on to another great shop and talent in my home town Brooklyn.
After visiting KG&AB etsy shop, i have found some other great finds such as the "bears in love"

Anonymous said...

Nuts in a bowl always look so elegant anyway. This permanent version is GENIUS!