Hang your coat!

Set of 4 reclaimed wooden hangers hand stamped with text from Paloma's Nest

We have been noticing all the beautiful hangers lately and had to do a post on them. From vintage to stamped, modgepodged to twisted. They are coming in all sizes and styles lately, and we can't get enough! We will be running late today with posts, so we hope you'll check back a little later!

Vintage Aqua Child's Hanger (Sailor Girl) from Bellalulu

Wooden pant hangers from Ladies & Gentlemen

10 tiny wooden hangers from Nesting Place

Modgepodge hangers from Lemon Pucker

Personalized wire hanger from Lila Frances

Alphabet wooden hangers from Tnkrbell21

Jan Halvarson


vadjutka said...

Those hangers from Lemon Pucker are gorgeous! A new favourite....

aimee said...

coathangers are awesome - so is this blog by the way :) i will be wrapping some of these ones up for gifts in the near future i dare say!

Anonymous said...

Love all of them especially the ones from Paloma's Nest.
Dee :)

Anonymous said...

yea! I've been looking for vintage hangers to hand my daughter's hair bows from in the bathroom. thank you thank you!

Houston's Weekly Chic said...

What amazing finds! Who would have ever pictured a hanger as such a gorgeous piece of art!

lisa solomon said...

i want all new hangers!