Winter Projects

We howled when we read this post from the home blog, thirty thirty-two of our Story Time contributer's Jean and Dylan from L&G. Per their friend, Stuart's suggestion, they decided to ditch the driveway and put in an aquarium. Click here to read. {Photoshopping by their friend, Stuart Ottenritter}.

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

ok, so i totally believed it...until...well they said something like, "We figured the garage was pretty air tight." So clever, though. And oh so, "I want that to happen in my neighborhood because it makes my loins tingly...all that creativity"

Jean said...

It was rendered to perfection. The funny part was that the photo of us looking at the garage door wasn't staged for the purpose of the aquarium. We were just staring at the garage door for some random reason....funny.