This month we bring you affordable art @ Poppytalk Handmade!

Affordable Art Show @PHM

33 stewart avenue, cinder block studio, roadside photographs, andrea shear, cynthia callan, vivienne strauss, irena sophia, matte stephens, kiki and polly, lewas designs, pink bathtub, dolan geiman

With the economy as it is, and because we have a huge love for placing "real art" on our walls, we bring you our very first "Affordable Art Show and Marketplace at Poppytalk Handmade! The artists included this month come from various parts of the world, and we hope you'll visit often as they refresh their tables throughout the month. The market runs from February 16th through to the 13th of March/09. Click here to go directly to the market, or click the links coinciding with each image.

Affordable Art Show @PHM

jo bradford, heather smith jones, lindsay brackeen, octavine illustration, pretty little thieves, vol25, michele maule, inklore, the charm school dropout, kari herer photography, modernpop, michelle brusegaard

Affordable Art Show @PHM

stephanie levy, la familia green, kristiana pärn, bellamuse, aprile elcich, samantha hahn, kirsten mccrea, something else perhaps, marzipan, karim rizk, ladies and gentlement, cake +milk paperie

Affordable Art Show @PHM

night owl paper goods, sooooound, signs by diane, yee-haw industries, rbkh potter, yellena, bueller, clever violet, eggman studios, michele bosak, isette, allymoon

Affordable Art Show @PHM

katie runnels, sharon montrose, labokoff, isphotography, a beautiful party, laurie coyle designs, shira sela, sofia masri, trampoline, clementine press, resurrection fern, in-vita paper studio

Affordable Art Show @PHM

roll and tumble press, green chair press, karen kang, art esprit, blue tricycle, tugboat print shop, catia chien, michelle caplan, goshdarnknit, walking to jericho, melissa moss, little black rabbit, bacon square farm, the cellophanes, sarah ahearn, the mincing mockingbird

Jan Halvarson


Carrie said...

Thanks for the great overview!

heather smith jones said...

Wow it looks great!! I look forward to exploring all these artists' shops!

.Something Else Perhaps. said...

theres a bunch of talent around, youve harnessed some treasures for sure!

Rare Autumn said...

i love how inspiring your posts are but also how inspiring and invigorating the whole of your blog is!

sarah ahearn bellemare said...

yay! looks super- love all the yellow! *s

Anonymous said...

wow! so much talent, so many favorites, so little time!
trampoline, inklore, samantha name just a few.

Anonymous said...

all sorts of good things!

Dee said...

Great article, some lovely prints.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has to be flexable in this economy, great affordable finds. I love your new site look as well. said...

This theme is fabulous and so many amazing pieces... I'll be linking to this on Friday. Off to explore the prints!

cait! said...

I love so many of the artists! I immediately found products I wanted from Night Owl Paper Goods and blue tricycle! Thanks for sharing!

Michele Maule said...

So many talented artists in one spot!
Awesome!! Looks great :D

Hayley said...

What a wonderful collection! I marked several favourites and now I am tasked with having to decide.