Radiant Dark (Elegant Corruption)

elegant-corruption-rushlow2Tamara Rushlow's 'Flute' Chandelier

We have a few pictures to share from the Radiant Dark (Elegant Corruption) show put on by MADE Design during the IDS09 this past weekend. The eight designers- Cali Balles and Don Maclennan, Lubo Brezina, Heidi Earnshaw, Jennifer Graham, Jeremy Hatch, Bev Hisey, Angela Iarocci. Thanks to Shaun and Julie of MADE Design for the photos.

elegant-corruption-Hatch4Jeremy Hatch's Torrent Candleabra

elegant-corruption-dennis1Valerie Dennis's Base Lights

elegant-corruption-9916Grant Heaps 'Stag' Quilt (over 20,000 pieces of fabric), Yvonne Ip's 'Knot' Seat and Propellor Design's Dram Chandelier.

elegant-corruption-9959Bev Hisey's carpets, Mazzie Design & Sandy Plotnikoff's Gold Desk, Cali Balles & Don Maclennan's Grey Shadows pendant lights and in the background- Orest Tataryn's Tips and Trade-Offs Neon Light sculpture and Rollout's 'Hunny Munny' Wallpaper.

elegant-corruption-MazziePlotnikoff2Mazzie Design & Sandy Plotnikoff's Gold Desk

elegant-corruption-Timid2Timid's 'Shot Glass' candle chimney

Jan Halvarson

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