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Dylan and I would like to take this opportunity as guest bloggers to bring a few "Storytime" installments to Poppytalk. Along with our obsession of vintage objects, we are also obsessed with vintage books! I mean who isn't, right? The colorful graphics, playful illustrations, clever layout, creative ideas, wholesome lifestyle…oh, the good old days!
Thanks Jan for letting us share!

Storytime PART I: Seattle's all about Monorails and Million Dollar Bills

Monorails, million dollar bills, living in space: that's what Seattleites of the early sixties envisioned for their future. Check out these souvenir book graphics from the 1962 Seattle World's Fair we found recently. What a grand life we're supposedly living here now that we're actually IN the future!

The Fair's theme was to show how we'd live in the 21st Century (coincidentally, Century 21 the real estate company was the sponsor…funny how those things work out…). Seattle dove into the theme head first constructing the iconic Space Needle, the Pacific Science Center, and the monorail that is now an obsolete public transportation system.

Turns out we're not all living in the sky and freely spending million dollar bills here in Seattle. To date, the monorail only makes the two stops it made in 1962 with no additions in sight. The Space Needle is now just a place to get an overpriced hamburger. I guess we'll just keep dreaming about our future of flying cars and hover boards, and of course keep on enjoying the incredible graphics of our destiny from long ago.

Thanks for reading! More storytime to come!

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