How do you display your guitars?

d*sponge guitarsDesign Sponge hung a nice trio of her fiance's guitars into a corner using guitar wall hangers. (Thank you Grace for letting us share this)!

Last month I did a post on Guitar Home, a new flickr pool we started asking people to upload images of how they display their guitars. We must not be alone, there must be other folks out there with the same dilemma. Where does one display their guitars and how. And we are still looking for people to join the group! We have a few as you can see here - which are great, but we'd love to get a bunch more. So if you are someone who has an awesome guitar display, or pile, please upload, and join the pool! We're hoping to share them here from time to time and who knows where this will all take us! Click here visit the pool.

guitarsLaura Frantz built a guitar storage center for her living room wall ($35 in materials).

Sing a little songCarrie Can is displaying her boyfriends lovely Dan Electro and spanish acoustic in those guitar floor stands in the corner of what looks like an upstairs room beside his amps.

Picture 15This picture we've posted here before (it's from Anthropologie, and the guitar is casually placed on the bed - which is how ours are usually spread about.

the RickThis one is from Dahlhaus, another, leaning against a piece of furniture.

if you see kay....This one is from our home (one of 12 or more)? I stopped counting. All's I know is, it's a dilemma and I want to find a solution to display some and store some.

the man in blackAnd this is just one crazy awesome case, which is totally worth displaying from the cool Ben Floeter.

Please join the pool! We'd love to see everyone's guitars!

Jan Halvarson


Kasey said...

great ideas!

Chocolate and Steel said...

We just bought our 3 yr old a guitar so I have a feeling I need to be paying attention to this. That Johnny Cash case is the best!

Richenda said...

Haha -- I am definitely in the guitar (and ukulele) pile group. My teacher always told me to keep them out because I would play them more. It's true, but now they float around my little home instead of staying in a dedicated spot. Joining the flickr group now!

drollgirl said...

these look great! now what do i do with my 45 whammy bars?

{Tara} said...

A guitar wall-hanger! We need that; my boyfriend's guitar is always getting knocked over by our animals!

Anonymous said...

I bought guitar hangers on eBay last year for $5 each when the cheapest one I could find in any guitar store was $18. They're black painted wood and come with toggle bolts, so they're incredibly secure. I added some photos to the flickr pool!