Friday's Satellite Debris

Before we stop posting for the weekend and start working on our weekly newsletter, we have a few news items and things to mention (satellite debris - borrowing the name from a local TV news segment here). To accompany this post we bring you this awesome print, Parkway Motel Pool by 33 Stewart Avenue. With affordable art on the mind, this one's such a great deal and hard to pass up.

With that said, more deals to mention. In celebration of having their 500th sale on Etsy, Chocolate and Steel is offering a weekend sale (2/27-3/1) of: Buy 2 or more pieces and get 50% off your entire order (not valid on supply purchases). Enter "Etsy500" in the notes section and your paypal invoice will be adjusted.

Sharon Montrose is having an amazing giveaway on her blog (ending Monday) - she's giving away three framed Bunny "mini-prints"! Leave a comment on her blog, here.

Karen Kang is offering free shipping, click here to find out more and we love Stephanie Levy's new lounge print (below)! Have a great weekend!

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

Jan: A convenient rip-off of GlobalBC's Squire Barnes and his Satellite Debris Friday special on the 6 o'clock news. Careful now. Be original. At least pick a different day! Sheesh.

Jan Halvarson said...

hey susan - didn't i say i was borrowing? and i even linked to the station? i looked for a link to an actual page that would have that, but couldn't find one - except an old version on facebook.

Leah Giberson said...

Jan - great finds as always. I love Stephanie Levy's new print (and all of her work for that matter). In fact I just bought one of her original pieces currently in the enormous tiny art show I'm down right giddy over it.

And of course 33 Stewart Avenue prints are favorites as well.

so many goodies.