wall collage inspiration

Dec2008 079
Dec2008 077
Dec2008 094

I came across this wall collage via Cafe Cartolina last week, who in turn came across them through My Nottinghill. Michele of My Nottinghill took these shots of a window display in December at Hudson, a shop in Boston. And I couldn't resist asking if she'd mind if we shared them here too. It's a fun take on a wall collage I used to have of magazine clippings from old National Geographics, but I even love this idea better, using letters and old black and whites. See bigger images at My Nottinghill, and of course visit Cafe Cartolina for more inspiration.

Jan Halvarson


Maggie May said...

i'm making two in my house and am going to post them when finished. very visually satisfying/gratifying.

My Notting Hill said...

Thanks for posting these!! I think Hudson did a great job w/the collage. Michele