Tea Towel Love (cont'd)


I missed this lovely tea towel in my tea towel love post yesterday, but just passed by it today visiting Bloesem. Made by the talented Heather of Skinny Laminx, she designed this fabric from sketches of the things she liked best from the Ikea catalogue (they don't have Ikea stores in South Africa) and after someone sent her the catalogue she illustrated a wish list.

Her "I Wish we had IKEA" is printed in grey water-based ink on natural-toned cotton hopsack. Hopsack is a loose-weave 100% cotton fabric that is very absorbant, and perfect for drying the dishes. See more lovely pieces at her etsy shop.

Jan Halvarson


kim. said...

Saw this tea towel the other day on AT and d*s - and I immediately bought one!!

Renée Anne Bouffard-McManus said...

This tea towel from Skinny Laminx is genius! I love the diversity of creativity on Etsy! It must be a very imaginative person who sits there and thinks " I can't have this stuff so I'll just draw it and make it into something else I see everyday". That's awesome!