2009 Valentine's Round-Up! (Part 1)

katieHand-carved lino-cut printed on a letterpress at Kozo Studio by Katie Muth.

Oh if you're ready or not, it is that time of year, love is in the air, and Valentine's Day is just around the corner! I've been posting Valentine's cards around mid January every year, so if one wants to purchase from any of these amazing card designers, you'll have time to order online and they'll get to you or your valentine on time. So today we start, our Valentine's Day card round up! What we're noticing too, are valentine's prints this year, a nice alternative to a card. These are just a few of the many to come, we just didn't have time for a bigger post today, so stay tuned!

Picture 2Signed, limited edition original print by Katie Muth.

valSilk screened printed cards from Lisa Jones Studio.

katiejojohnson.etsy.comGocco printed locket card from The Part & Parcel, Katie Jo Johnson.

kissingbooth1Letterpressed cards from Roll & Tumble Press.

Jan Halvarson


Helen Cuthbert said...

These are fab...love the lino cut cards.

Holly said...

ok, now im sending cards to everyone. GREAT finds!!

Anonymous said...

i love them! I always send cards to my friends from college! :)