Special Guest Post: by Three Potato Four

Hi, Janet and Stu again from Three Potato Four.

Being a husband and wife team, we are constantly inspired by other couples who have ventured together to pursue a passion and create successful businesses. One of our favorite and most inspiring shop/brand/couples whom we truly admire is Andy Spade + Kate Spade and the amazing shop: Jack Spade.

We fell in love with the store when we first walked by it in Soho many years ago, spotting the library cart of books outside. The aesthetic and concept of Jack Spade is, in Andy Spade's words “taking all the things I like and putting them in one store". A weathered red sofa complete with patches of duct tape sits inside, which the shop purchased from an auction at a Pennsylvania firehouse. Mixed in with the Jack Spade bags and accessories are seemingly random but carefully curated objects each with their own curious nature and story to tell. Although these objects might traditionally seem out of place, when tied together in the overall environment, they each take on a stronger and more meaningful purpose - sort of working off each other, molding and defining the Jack Spade brand and leaving that impression on anyone who visits.

The shop has certainly stayed with us and has definitely had a strong influence in what we strive to achieve for Three Potato Four.

To read more about Jack Spade, there are two great articles online here and here.
{Photos: Adrian Gaut/courtesy Jack Spade for the metropolismag.com}.

Stu + Janet
Three Potato Four

Jan Halvarson

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