new shop alert! hulaseventy


I couldn't be more thrilled and happy to hear that Andrea of Hulaseventy has finally opened up an Etsy shop for her beautiful photographs (she has got to be the most amazing color capturer). Many of us online have watched her along this journey, and it's so exciting to see her work finally available to purchase! I LOVE this trio and think they would make such a nice set together. She has an amazing eye, and there's such a sense of optimism and joy in her pieces. Click here to see the treasures!

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

I agree. The colors she captures are amazing. I love the springtime feel of these photos.

lisa solomon said...

how excited are we by this store? so excited!

andrea said...

jan! thank you *so* much for the shout out! such kind words, friend. how lucky am I to have found you four years ago when we both started blogging... how lucky? very.