The "Ice Tree"


Montreal’s furniture store DOMISON has commissioned the design firm Paprika to create a magical Christmas window installation. Avoiding typical Christmas lightings and decorations, Paprika came up with a stunning idea referencing ICE, WATER and WINTER in a holiday spirit. Using Canadian mineral glass water bottles filled with the DOMISON logo, the design firm created an unusual tree. Over 300 bottles are hung at various heights to give the random shape of the tree. The end result is a floating enchanted winter creature. More contemporary art than decoration, the tree is light up by 8 powerful spot lights giving it a crystal ice glow. The installation took 4 people and two full days to produce and will be displayed until January 2009. Its magical side truly comes out at night when the city is dark.
4117 Saint-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec,

Jan Halvarson


Erin said...

thanks for posting...this is so cool!

Anonymous said...

I'll be in Montreal next week. I'll go check it out...
Thanks for posting!