weekend extra: alyssa ettinger@hallmark

Flipping through my recent copy of Hallmark Magazine (Nov 2008), I came across an interview with New York-based potter (and former PHM participant), Alyssa Ettinger, featuring her knitwear-inspired ceramics. Reading further Hallmark had also featured a video of Alyssa in her studio. It's fun to see the process behind her work, searching out sweaters in salvation army shops, and the story behind her milk bottle series. You can't actually play the video here (I just took a screenshot), but you can view it all at their site. Alyssa's work is available at her etsy shop, alyssaettinger.etsy.com

I noticed at her etsy shop she has some test or sample bowls for sale right now. A great opportunity if you want to pick one of these gems up. Click here to see.

Jan Halvarson


TinaA said...

I love the knitted bowl!

shill said...

love love love :)