kitchens from the library of congress


I finally got a chance to look through a bit of the images on flickr from The Library of Congress this past weekend and came across the gem at the top (couldn't this image be almost in the pages of Domino or over at Apartment Therapy)? Taken between 1941-45, we would love this in our kitchen! Check out the color of those jars! And the two images below that are from their actual site online archives taken by Walker Evans - we did a search on kitchens - I just want to print these out as they are (with the color tabs and all) and frame (they actually have the high resolution to do so). Man, one could be there forever searching out images. A nice sunday afternoon thing.

Library of Congress flickr
Library of Congress

Jan Halvarson


kaitlyn sullivan said...

so glad to see others are using the great tool on flickr as well! there are some really amazing images in this catalog of old photographs..

lisa solomon said...

how much do i love the color cards next to the photos?????