2008 Holiday Card Guide - Part One

Cards from Cartolina Cards available at Greetq (online).

We are kicking off our 2009 Holiday Card guide today, with some amazing designs that we're really excited about. This is part one of what may be many (by the looks of our guide last year), and we can hardly wait to see what's yet to come. As holiday cards are one of our favorite things, we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did putting it together.

Letterpressed spruce branch by Heather Smith Jones

Custom printed letterpressed and offset printed holiday cards from Eggpress


Wood veneer holiday cards from Night Owl Paper Goods

Letterpressed by YeeHaw.etsy.com

Cracked Designs order through crackeddesigns.etsy.com

Letterpressed card sets from Hello Lucky


Happy HOLLA days letterpress cards by a. favorite design

Letterpress collection from Meic + Villeneuve

Modern Printed Matter

Custom silhouette card by Chick Print

Yeti Momma + Child card from Pinecone + Chickadee

Tree and Snow card by Armato Design & Press

Jan Halvarson


Cheryl Cochran said...

The "Holla" card made me laugh out loud. I work at American Greetings and seeing all these handmades and lovely letterpress cards makes me frustrated that we don't/can't do more like this.

Carrie Nicole said...

oh this is great!!! so many lovely options that i may end up on a holiday card binge kind of like the one i went on with calendars!

actually, i hadn't even thought about cards yet bc i was still caught up in said calendar binge ;)

modernthread said...

Incredibly cute cards! I love them!

Daniellexo said...

Lovely picks!

lisa solomon said...

oh it's that time again.... it always comes so fast!

adesignaffair said...

These are wonderful. I'd love to see some hanukkah cards & non-denominational holiday greetings in part 2!