Shopping Guide: Madrid

Thanks to Martha of Popa & Mox for offering to do this wonderful Shopping Guide from Madrid:

Madrid is a city where you can find a lot of places to buy affordable art and handmade things. Chueca and Malasaña are the two zones where these shops concentrate. Here are five places I would recommend:


1. Lotta Vintage—
At this second hand shop you will be able to find cool clothes from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. If you are lucky they may also have special picks from other years. The selection they have is very good and the shop decoration is amazing!


2. Victimas del Celuloide
This place is just at Madrids’ heart . It is a small shop located in a small plaza, where you will be able to find a very original design selection. You will be able to find POPA&MOX here!
If you are looking for original shelves, mirrors, coat stands...this is the place!


3. Mad is Mad –
This art gallery has affordable art and it has just a small part of handmade products: bags, postcards, collages, pouches, toys...


4. Nest Boutique

Here you will be able to find papergoods, baby clothes, tees, retro wallpapers, cutted mirrors, accesories and many toys. All the handmade things are from local artists.


5. Panta Rhei--
If you are looking for an art, design, illustration, photo or fashion book, this is the place. At the basement you will be able to find an illustration and drawing gallery.

Compiled by Martha of Popa & Mox

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

Thank you so much, I loved to see some things from my country here in your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

the place at Pza. San Idelfonso is called Nest Boutique:

Señorita Puri said...

Hi I'm from Madrid and I live 5 minutes away from all the places you just mentioned.
Let me tell you about these shops more in depth:

Víctimas del Celuloide was once a great shop with tons of amazing stuff (all kinds of lomo cameras, lamps, bags and shirts, and weird gadgets) though today they barely have 20 objects scattered around, most of which you can find anyplace.

Panta Rhei is by far the best and biggest advertising, illustration and design bookstore in Madrid, with owners Lilo and Ingrid knowing every single volumen kept in there and, also, those published around the globe, which they will do their best to bring to you.

Two blocks behind Panta-.Rhei there's "Arrebato" a samall boosktore (Travesía de San Mateo, 4) ran by a former Art Director with a small yet wonderful collection of the latest and rarest Advertising and Marketing books from all over the world (some are not even in Pantas-Rhei!). Worth checking out.

You should also visit: La Integral, c/ Leon 25 (Huertas zone) , this one's like San Ildefonso shop but with 5 times more stuff, including stuff they make aned you'll only find there, their own clothing brand and a small art gallery.

and if you're dwelling in huertas, the MUST place in there is the LOMO shop. And I mean THE. Every single model, book and gadget regarding Lomo you need is there.
(Echegaray, 5

If you visit Madrid, you can drop me a line and i'll tell you more about nice places to go to ;-)
XO, Puri