There's a gentle beauty to these felted items by Dutch fibre artist, Reya Veltman. Combining wetfelting with machine stitched spirals for the bowl, pebble and wool roving for the abstract tree-like sculptures, an amazing handfelted scarf and finally organic-inspired pod bowls with coloured eye-catching interiors.

Reya Veltman

Jan Halvarson


carla said...

what a wonderful post! I adore felt!

Anonymous said...

these are gorgeous!! i especially love that top bowl. great find!

Crystalyn Kae said...

so tactile and timeless! love them!

Charlotte Tollstén said...

I love the top felt bowl. Felt is so cool!!

lisa solomon said...

so enticing!

reya said...

Oh, my goodness me! I wished you had given me a heads up that I was here. What a wonderful, truly wonderful surprise. Thank you so much Jan!