new online shop alert!

rat2We heard some whisperings about this new online shop coming soon from our favorite local papergoods brick and mortar, The Regional Assembly of Text. We've been checking back now and again and just found it live last night. Lots of goodies one finds in their store are now available for all the world to see. We love the "old office" look that owners Rebecca and Brandy have recreated online (just like the real store) with kraft paper file folders and stamps. Click here to go directly to their shop. A must see!

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

I want those just married pins. Very cool!

Fiona Cartolina said...

Love these guys. I have a whole lot of their cards that I bought at Very Hush Hush.
They are unique and original and Canadian - yay!
Very cute website too.

Cassandra Barney said...

When we were living in Vancouver, my husband signed me up for their button of the month and tiny book of the month club. I loved getting those little teats in the mail each month. I also loved living in Vancouver.
Your blog is great.


Banana-head Pancake said...

wow, what great stock - I love it

Coco Cake Land said...

vancouver's lucky to have such a cool place run by two amazing artists. i miss their lowercase gallery though, one of vancouver's tiniest spots for an art show... !