the lakes of canada and beyond

Sufijan Stevens - The Lakes of Canada, in Cincinnati, Ohio

Lykke Li - Dance, Dance, Dance, in San Francisco, California

Andrew Bird - Weather Systems, in Montmartre, Paris

I came across this series of "Take away shows" broadcasted on YouTube from the collective music weblog, La Blogotheque from France the other day (via Curio + Abyss). Much like art, I like music that bends your ear a bit, like playing an instrument unconventionally (as in the Andrew Bird one where he plays his violin like a guitar as does Sufijan Stevens play his banjo). So just for a change of pace I thought it might be fun to throw these into the mix here. And also Swedish born singer- songwriter Lykke Li (just because).

Jan Halvarson


Alex Louisa said...

Oh! I saw Andrew Bird when he was in Australia not too long ago. AMAZING!!

I can barely form sentences when I'm playing violin, yet he was whistling or singing at the same time. Then he'd plonk his violin down and start playing guitar... Then flip his guitar over his shoulder and go back to violin... Recording himself and then playing back the loops... all overlapping.

It was freaking awesome. And only a couple of dozen people watching, so everyone had a front row seat!

I thought he was fantastic - can you tell?! Thanks for the vid!!

Ashes and Milk said...

Great find! I am watching/listen Lykke Li now and will get to the rest. I am really digging this current (freak) folk movement. -As it is being called.

ABBY said...

have you seen the Yeasayer one? a friend turned me onto these with this video.

Jan Halvarson said...

thanks everyone, and i'll check it out abbey, thanks.

Kate Kelleher said...

Love love love, dance dance dance thank you for sharing it. Lykke Li will be singing in my head while I sleep tonight.