Canada City Guides: Calgary Part 1

Poppytalk Calgary City GuidePoppytalk Calgary City GuideAs gathered by Janine Vangool of Uppercase Gallery

Crave Cupcakes

We'll start our tour in the Kensingon neighbourhood, located just north of the river and starting at 10th Street NW. When you need a sugar boost at the start of the day, head to Crave. (If you go too late in the day they are often sold out of their daily baking.) The lineup can extend outside the store and down the street, but these cupcakes are worth it. I've often ordered dozens of their mini cupcakes for events in UPPERCASE... all you have to do is hint at Crave Cupcakes and a crowd will gather!

1107 Kensington Road NW
and #120 815 17th Avenue SW

bubbles2Bubbles Bath & Body

Bubbles Bath & Body is a new store, right next door to Crave Cupcakes on Kensington Road. The store design is impressive and features lots of text on the walls. Plenty of pretty packages and nice scents make for a pleasant browse. (And they have some cupcake-inspired bath soaps for zero calorie indulgences.)

pages2Pages Books on Kensington

This bookstore plays host to Calgary's literary scene with frequent poetry and book readings. They have a great selection of Canadian fiction as well as children's books, travel and cook books.

1135 Kensington Road NW

honeyb2Honey B's Vintage Home Decor

This is a pretty little store, with vintage-inspired decorations, jewellery, gifts and furniture. The owner really does an outstanding job in displaying her merchandise. Make sure to look for Paige Smith's Jewellery holders made from vintage saucers.

28 - 12 Street NW (at Kensington Road)

purr2Purr Clothing

Purr has a great selection of clothing from labels such as Free People as well as independent Canadian fashion labels. The Kensington store is quite large with a nice waiting area for your friends while you try everything on!

1220 Kensington Road NW
100-601 17 Avenue SW

livingstoneLivingstone & Cavell Extraordinary Toys

This marvelous toy store offers a trip down memory lane with plenty of classic and well-made playthings, cute plush animals, and novelty games.

1124 Kensington Rd. NW

As gathered by Janine Vangool of Uppercase Gallery, Calgary Alberta. Part II to follow!

Jan Halvarson


pollykc said...

oh.. .everything looks so fantastic! :)
I really like the soaps.... so cuteeee!

Anonymous said...

oh my. this might be my first time commenting. and i am so happy to. kensington is my old stomping ground. i lived there. and worked on that same street. between crave and purr. such good memories. now i'm in japan. and missing home.

Samantha said...

I love the blur effect!

nichole said...

Whoa! Sign me up. Thinking about dusting off my passport!

i'm Carrie, lovely to meet you... said...

Such a fantastic post! I can't wait for your Vancouver city guide. I went to school in Bellingham and frequented Vancouver sometimes as much as 3 times per week!

Now that I live down in the Seattle area, I don't get up there anymore. I've really wanted to visit again and I think this series will definitely inspire me to finally do so and know what things I should go see!

gillberk said...

Little did I know that there was a Purr here in Vancouver, until I took a stroll over the Granville Street bridge last weekend. Hurrah! I truly believe this is how any good shop should operate, offering lovely, cute, sexy and loungy clothing and off-beat, chic accessories in low budget and high budget options. The interior design of the store is akin to your favourite living space or your dream closet.


Anonymous said...

so fun to see this city guide - my bus passes through this neighborhood, all around lovely!


Kerry Pitt-Hart said...

calgary, here i come! this is wonderful!!

sparklegreen said...

Wow this is a great guide, I'll definitely refer to it when I go to Calgary.

Coco Cake Land said...

i visited calgary in november and went to a very cute little restaurant called the coup, nice modern 1960s-ish decor in green, blue and brown and a fine vegetarian and vegan menu, lovely drinks too!