Thanks Will + go see his show!

A HUGE thank you to our special guest blogger this week, Will Bryant! He brought a lot of color and inspiration this week, and it was an honour to have him! And if you're in L.A. this weekend, he has a group show there opening at Little Bird Gallery, titled, Paper cuts. The exhibition brings together a diverse group of emerging artists from illustration to collage work. They are all joined by the basic passion of paper, resulting in a unified balance that exemplifies the simplicity of this medium. (Below one of Will's amazing pieces). Oh and meet us back here Monday when we have a brand new special guest joining us for what should be some more eye candy goodness!

Jan Halvarson


SeƱorita Puri said...

the swim in sunshine reminds me of the burger king logo... hmmm time to eat i guess

Will_Bryant said...

Thanks Jan! I appreciate the shout out about the show. My first ever group exhibition in the US. I'm so so so very excited!

This week been an absolute pleasure and giggles of fun! And i can't wait to see what KBB brings to the poppywebs! It's going to be sooper good!

puri - now that you say that it really does look a bit like burger king. mostly the colors. WYRD! i don't eat at BK but i'm making f_art about it?!

lisa solomon said...

yay little bird!