Special Guest Post: Kate Bingaman-Burt

By Kate Bingaman-Burt, obsessiveconsumption.typepad.com/what_did_you_buy_today

Hello, Hello lovely Poppytalk readers! I am so excited to be guest posting this week.

I thought I would use this week of guest posting to explore some local stores in my new hometown of Portland, Oregon and to SHOP-- all in the name of spreading consumer news to the masses.

Since this is back to school season, I am going to open this week's posts with OFFICE PDX. I loved this store when I lived in Mississippi and would visit it online. I love it even more now that I live here and am able to bike to it!

2838243528_f22cab8baf_oinside OFFICE PDX

OFFICE PDX is owned by a husband and wife design and marketing team: Kelly Coller and Tony Secolo. Along with selling damn fine office supplies (in store and online), OFFICE PDX is a gallery and event space. The duo also offers graphic design solutions for special projects. The mission of OFFICE PDX is to support, inspire and engage design appreciators and professionals through innovative products, art and events.

The owners have a soft spot for 1950s vintage office supplies and an intense love of Olivetti Typewriters. I can totally understand why. I am sure I bored (inspired? excited? you never know when you are teaching) several students by repeatedly showing images of Olivetti Ads in my Graphic Design History Class. In case you need a fix of Olivetti check out Grain Edit's many posts about Olivetti or read a more condensed history here.

2837409565_489d3fe1a7Olivetti Print by Co-owner Tony Secolo : link: http://www.officepdx.com/product.php?pdx=1039

Amongst the vintage supplies are also modern day supplies. I am a sucker for mundane objects in piles so this bin of paper clips, pink pearl erasers and bulldog clips really excited me.

2838242296_05272c1262_obins of awesome.

Excited me so much that I purchased a pink pearl eraser (I don't even use pencils) for .75 cents and made it my daily drawing.


Please make sure to check out the slideshow posted below for more glimpses into OFFICE PDX.

2837409643_658caa78e6Goodbye OFFICE PDX! See you soon!

I will see you all tomorrow with another store to explore!

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Will_Bryant said...

colour me jealous!
this is going to be a good week :)

Ward Jenkins said...

OFFICE PDX is a fantastic store. I love visiting that place, even during crazy Last Thursdays. A nice oasis from all the patchouli & crazy, tall bikes. For display, there's a nice collection of old Fortune magazines with some wonderful covers around the store, none of which are for sale (unfortunately). If they were, I'd already have bought them.

Looking forward to seeing what else you showcase this week!