Special Guest Post: by Kate Bingaman-Burt

By Kate Bingaman-Burt, obsessiveconsumption.com


Please click above image for the full sized experience of Grass Hut!

Today's shopping adventure brought my bike and I to Grass Hut located at 8th and East Burnside in Portland, Oregon. Not to rub it in, but I am pretty lucky that I live in a city where I can go to establishments like this on my bike.  Lucky! So Lucky! I digress. On with the POST!

Come on in! Grasshut is open Wednesday-Sunday 12-7pm

Grass Hut is a studio to Bwana Spoons and Justin "Scrappers" Morrison , an amazingly active gallery and a retail space filled with books, zines, toys, buttons, patches and other colorful goodness. Scrappers and Bwana both appeared on my radar a few years back when Scrappers and I were in The Wurst Gallery's We Heart Gocco Show. I thought his interview was pretty genius and he included a link to Bwana Spoons as someone he was inspired by. Before moving to Portland, I had been spying on the shows they were having at Grass Hut and couldn't wait to see more in person.

The counter where you take your Grass Hut goods that you can't wait to take home.

When I explored yesterday, the space was filled with work by Andrew Brandou, Chris Johanson, Tim Biskup to name a just a few. A group show with the awesome title of  "Four Way Make-Out" was installed in the main space  that included Matt Furie, Jay Howell, Dawn Riddle and Matthew Feyld.




I LOVE THIS PLACE.  I spent an incredibly long time in there yesterday and I still have more to see when I go back again. 

Small taste of toys. Blue monster saying " come to the grass hut...rawrwar!"


Zines! Zines! Zines!

Grass Hut Purchases: Two zines by  Bwana Spoons and Grass Hut Stickers.


Daily Purchase Drawing for September 10th, 2008

Please explore the attached slidehow of 70 color blasting images from Grass Hut!

Post by Kate Bingaman-Burt
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Natural Surroundings said...

I love those Gods Eyes!

Anonymous said...

I knew I liked Portland.

ashley rae said...

Wow this place looks incredible. This is the kind of eclectic art and styles that inspire me! Ha and of course its in Oregon. I go to Medford about once a year and this does remind me of the areas around the state. Awesome find! Do you know if there are other places like it anywhere else?

Will_Bryant said...

see you soon my little grass hut

Michele Maule said...

Wow! I feel like there have been so many new places to discover since moving away from Portland last year.
I am moving back in May, and I can't wait. I miss my home...