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There's a show in the afternoon here in Canada on CBC called Steven and Chris. Those that are Canadian will know them well. And yesterday they had a segment on organizing the front hall (First Impressions). (And those that read here know, this is a constant quest of mine). So with the help of designer, Anne Hepfer they featured a few organizing ideas that I thought were worth sharing here. I've also added a few more for the kitchen to help in my quest of "organizing me"! (Some of these products are a bit more traditional than my taste, however still good ideas that one could adjust to suit your style). You can watch the segment by clicking here.

kitchnpotterybarn2kitchnpotterybarn3Daily System, Pottery Barn


50254Cubby organizer, Umbra; Coat Hooks, Umbra; Pulp bulletin board, Umbra; Lettro wall organizer, Umbra; LUNS, Ikea, Walnut bench, Sunpan Imports.

And some great tips from my favorite daily newsletter Organizing Tip of the Day by Martha Stewart Living.

Jan Halvarson


Leacayoungart said...

i love the first pic for the kitchen. i could use it.

Kierstin Bridger said...

ooooh good post- can't get enough black and white these days-

John Trosko said...

Holy Moly! I am loving these pictures! Way up my alley.... thanks for the images and links... can't wait to explore now....


lisa solomon said...

oh how i loved a good organized area!