A trip to a NYC flea market with BROOKLYNrehab


Today we have a treat from Alyssa of BROOKLYNrehab. She sent some pictures from her recent trip to the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. It's one of her sources for BROOKLYNrehab. So here's a peak, and you can see more at her flickr here and if you wish to buy some cool things like this, you can check out her etsy shop here or at our Poppytalk Handmade market this month, here. Here's her explanation of the pictures:

In the shadows of the Port Authority Bus Terminal and the heart of Hell's Kitchen is a wonderful flea market. 1 stop is Cup Cake Cafe for a little treat of coffee and sweets. We know we are close to the market now. This customer has her official "Hell's Kitchen Flea Market" tote bag.


The cafe must be the flea market's best customer. Unique finds add to the rustic charm.


An intersection of old and new architecture is the perfect randomness to fit the eclectic assortment of items for sale.


Travel one culture to the next within a matter of steps.


Who knows what treasures you'll find...


Keep up to date with the latest flea market news here:

Thanks Alyssa!

Jan Halvarson


Ali said...

I love that flea market! I found some great stuff there when I went to New York

sMacThoughts said...

What? I am a doof. I did not even know about this one. I so miss the 26th St. Flea Market and one I had down in my neighborhood which has also been turned into a building (bleahh!)

I've gotta check this one out!

Julie said...

Great photos! We walked through Hell's Kitchen flea market when we were in NYC earlier this spring - however, it was pouring down rain and everyone was packing up. :-( Maybe next time!

julie said...

Oh great finds - Love those crates!
What i would do with them..

Fiona Cartolina said...

oh my my my!
have to put this one on the list!

Melissa Lewis said...

Oh what I would do for one of those turquoise crates:) I sure wish our flea market was just that good!

Alyssa Zygmunt said...

We bought 4 of those crates!

lisa solomon said...

oh i love flea markets