Must See List @ The Renegade Craft Fair (Chicago)

The Renegade Craft Fair - Chicago is coming up in a couple weeks (Sept 13 & 14), and we did a little "must see" post today for it. These are vendors we noticed and picked some of their items out of their shops. There's a longer list below the images as we couldn't fit an image in for all of them (we just wanted to show items not yet seen here). Have a great weekend!

(Clockwise from the top): Wire basket plaque by, Number 2 jar by, bird plaques,, yoyo by suddenly it's real (ben floeter).


Poppy stationery by 16 Sparrows, The Happy Couple card by Sycamore Street Press, Gift tags by Tartella


Pillowcase by Maramiki, Toast card by Cracked Designs, Ship print by Tugboat Printshop,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Handmade Nation (Film & Book), Jessica Gonacha,, Lucky Bee Press, kindling, Made by Hank,, Michelle Brusegaard,, Orangey Porangy,,,,,,,, Small Screen Designs, Sofia Masri, Suddenly It's Real,, Tugboat Printshop and last but not least, Wolfie & the Sneak!

Jan Halvarson


oolong said...

I must come to one of theese shows in future. Do you by any chance know one of those in Europe?

And i looove Maramiki.

pamela michelle said...

Amazing artists! I wish I lived in Chicago. I'd be there in a zippity flash!

laura marie said...

oh my gosh oh my gosh! As if I wasn't excited enough about Renegade here in Chicago (I've had the date in my book since the applications were first released), seeing little tastes of the actual products gets me all giddy inside.

I guess I should take that as a cue to really save up some splurge money for that weekend.

Cakespy said...

I love Renegade Craft! I showed at the Brooklyn one this summer and there were so many awesome vendors--it looks like the Chicago one is going to be TOTALLY awesome!! Love the toast card!

Fiona Cartolina said...

Go tugboat press!
I am their newest fan!