Marianne Chenard

I first came across Marianne Chenard's work at last fall's ECIAD Student Art Sale. It was her sweet syrup bottles that caught my attention. And now we see her work featured this month at the Gallery of B.C. Ceramics. It's cool to see her layered approach to selected objects using the transfer of photos, drawings and paintings through silk-screened ceramic decal technique. Her images are chosen (note hockey trophy image above and hockey sweater on plate below) and composed through her interpretation of the initial object and her view of it through a Canadian context. In her artist's statement she explains, " As part of my reassessment of these objects, I assign a "re-made/refabrique au Canada" label. Ceramic has been a material in direct contact with civilization for thousands of years, often coupled with the concept of nation; I am only adding a little more to it's archive."

Contact Chenard at marianne_chenard[at]yahoo[dot]ca.


Jan Halvarson

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Fiona Cartolina said...

these are way cool!
Love the hockey jersey one!