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Abbey of Aesthetic Outburst (How Now Design) has some new sneakers she's designed which are totally cool. See them here. And she's opened a studio blog to share all her beautiful art work and all that's related to it.

Artist, Dallas Shaw has started a new blog called Dilly Dallas. She'll be sharing her inspirations and new work as she takes on her job as artist full time.

Butch and Harold have launched a new line of vinyl decals called stickr (frame) which will be making their official debut at next week's New York International Gift Show - Studio division, Pier 92, Booth 31012.

New lighting and shirts at Paper Cloud

Bread + Butter are a collective of artists and designers located in Brooklyn, New York. When they are not designing book covers, art directing or laying out magazines, the 3 of them are busy working on projects and making things in their studio. And now, they're happy to finally share these things with you like this lovely "hello baby" one.

Jan Halvarson

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