the beautiful: maramiki


Janel at Apartment Therapy: Chicago posted about a local Chicago textile designer, Maramiki this past June and I ran into her work again recently on Etsy with some new colors. Her hand drawn images are screenprinted onto linen or cotton, where mentioned on Janel's post, her inspiration comes from nature, be it a botanical garden, a friend's backyard or a plant in her house. Beautiful work. See more of Maramiki here.

Jan Halvarson


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

oooh, so, so lovely.

Claire, said...

Can't HELP but notice how much Maramiki's flower design looks just like Jennifer Judd-mcgee's drawings.

BTW have you signed the Orphan works petition? ALL artist's should sign it, it could be your own work you save.