special Guest Post: by Christine Schmidt of Yellow Owl Workshop

Yeti Compound West - Day 3
Special Guest Post by Christine Schmidt, Yellow Owl Workshop

Ever oogled interior design spreads of glossy design mags whilst sitting on a moving box that has been functioning as a bedside table/laptop desk for two years? Ever wondered why your meticulously curated coffee table was plagued by unopened mail, fingernail clippers, and half-chewed dog toys? Me?…. No. Never. As a Poppytalk exclusive I present my humble abode: Yeti Compound West.

Occasional Room: Here is the sitting room where we discuss the sad lives of people that watch television. Opera Charades! Name that Critic! ArtForum Trivia! After many brandies Evan tells the story about the Klee etching. We got it for a song at an estate sale (AHH…we were so young!).


Emerald Salon: Complementary colors are the name of this game where we frequently entertain visiting Irish aristocracy. !TIP! Red Food coloring gives Jameson a feminine twist!


Master Bedroom: Bleak German hotel romance. We pushed the beds together after the wedding. !WINK!


Dining Room: Blueberry salad. The lavender china (not shown) would do any standing rib roast proud.


Study aka War Room:
I gave the decorator carte blanche with only two words of inspiration: phalli and Caligula.


You are welcome to join us nightly for dinner at 123Faux Ave. Cocktatils served promptly at 7.

Special Guest Post by Christine Schmidt, Yellow Owl Workshop

Jan Halvarson


mati rose said...

i love the yeti compound! this is hilarious!

christina@pmv said...

Too funny! I find that the lovely glossies don't motivate me as much as I'd like ...

lynbird said...

Those stairs (at least I think they are stairs) on the side of the fireplace are a trip. Literally. Someone's going to trip and break their neck.