Something Special: Modern Quilts

georgia, color studies
Today's Something Special comes from Regina of Modern Quilts. She sent along some photos to show us how interested she is in color, along with robots/faces and beings. But what struck me was her mother's influence in the framed color studies. She found them in her notebook after she died and thought they were so beautiful. What I find profound is how her quilt (pink and brown one below) resembles these color studies. Intentional or not, this is something special. If you haven't seen Regina's work yet, you must take a look at it. She has some stunning pieces. I love the hand quilted words series. Shown below (the white one) is called 70 or 80 cakes, "Well, that's the way life grow up, you die, you come back, maybe, you get 70 or 80 cakes...." The blase yet wise words of a sleepy six year old are inscribed with detailed hand quilting stitches on a simple white cotton field (the backing shows angels in the clouds). A real piece of art. See her work at this month's market here or visit her Etsy shop here.


Jan Halvarson


la casita de wendy said...

beautiful quilts and colours!


i love the framed color studies.

wonderful blog!


lisa solomon said...

really beautiful