Something Special: Jill Bent

grayhouse 115
Looking through the screen door into Jill Bent's family summer home really makes it feel like summer. Her husband's parent's live an hour north of them on the back of a salt marsh, near the ocean. They have a little cottage on their property which was built by her husband's great grandfather, but for many years it sat unused and in sorry shape, and the place became a haven for insects and field mice and squirrels. A few years ago her husband and her asked her in-laws if they could turn it into a place for them to stay when they came to visit. Hence a project was born. So for our Something Special series, she is sharing a few pictures with us of this quaint place by the sea. I've also included a few pictures of some of her beautiful french linen pillows that she makes and sells along with her bags and totes. You can see more of her pictures at her blog, here and more of her beautiful handmade things here, here and here.

grayhouse 124

Jan Halvarson


Michelle said...

Oh, great, natural, graphic stuff, I love it, so french.

Fiona Cartolina said...

I love this place - so simple and perfect. Quite sublime.
(makes me want to turf out all my nicknacks and live the simple life!)

Anna @ D16 said...

So wonderful & dreamy.

i-make said...

Looks like the perfect place to read a book on a summer afternoon.


Jill said...

Thanks so much for featuring me Jan!! What a nice surprise to see when I checked your blog :). It's my birthday today, so what a nice present.