something Special: Double Happiness

I loved the feeling these paper lanterns floating about gave out as soon as I saw them in the studio of Halifax's Double Happiness. They add a sense of lightness to the room (given the shape of the ceiling). Owner Trudi makes amazing books and art using Japanese papers and had her husband build her a huge desk that also houses all her flat papers. You can see more of her studio over at her flickr studio set as well as visit her table at Poppytalk Handmade and her online Etsy shop here to see her beautiful work. I've also added this video (at the very bottom of the post) I found on her blog linking to the girl effect. It really got to me and definitely is tugging at my heart strings.


Jan Halvarson


muralimanohar said...

I love that vid. It's exactly what I needed to clarify some thoughts in my head, regarding that exact subject. Thank you. :)

trudi said...

Thanks for the lovely post Jan - and for spreading the word about the "girl effect."



lisa solomon said...

lovely space!