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alyssaPotter, Alyssa Ettinger is sharing some insights into her home in this post on Something Special. And with that we see she has some new product fresh out of the kiln, which are NYC themed from her Antique Replica bottle series. Here, in her own words, she shares some thoughts. You can see more of her work at her online Etsy shop, HERE.

My first career was as a magazine editor where I covered home, new products, and lifestyle. I did a lot of decorating shoots, but none for magazines with modern direction. The results were a stack of gorgeous stories, most of them Mary Emmerling-inspired--lots of white, modern country, some kitch. My favorite designer, still, is Tricia Foley; google her, her aesthetic and style are impeccable.


This is a look I love, but I find it changing in a more modern direction these days. I'm trying to incorporate some mid-century pieces into my home--check out those lampshades!--and I'm starting with framing some pictures to add a jazzier feel. My first project was the framed photos on the wall near the sofa, those two door pictures were found in a literary magazine I read. I found the frame at a tag sale and swapped in those pics.
My next projects will be framing a favorite Jen Renninger Alphabet print--I bartered a bowl for several prints, this is such a fun part of being an artist! The print will be on top of a matte I covered in beige linen (needed: matte, Mod Podge, linen--mine was from an old skirt). I'll be using acid-free glue stick to place the print on the linen, and a plain wooden frame.


Next will be framing those fabulous Eames postage stamps (you can always buy stamps at, and find the ones you're seeking if your local PO doesn't have them. I bought 4 panes of them...). Not sure what I'll be doing with them yet, but likely a square frame to compliment the square of stamps.


After that I'll be tackling the bedroom. I'll be leaving the bed linens, night-table and everything on top, and the kitty (Harriet, she's 14 and has a really fun spotted belly). The vintage farmhouse bed, cast-iron and painted white, was bought on ebay and came from Ohio. It's a little futsy for my taste now, and I'll likely get--or make--a more modern headboard. I'm thinking that lengths of bamboo flooring might be a fun direction to head in. The camellia prints above the bed, found in my great aunts' apartment, will likely be put in storage. I've had them since my first apartment, and love them, but it's time for a newer look.


You can see more of Alyssa's work at her Poppytalk Handmade Table or her Etsy shop HERE.

Jan Halvarson

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Paige said...

Gorgeous view into the world of my favorite former blogger/brilliant potter ;-) LOVE the stamp idea. Stealing it. Also the Josephine Baker-esque silhouette by the bed. Sexy and gorgeous.