scrapbook: magazine snippets

coloredmattsI like this idea of different colored mats for this group of framed black and white photos from the collection of Sean and Cassel Heep as featured this month in Country Decorating Ideas magazine. Using the same frame gives the display a sense of unity and depth and the mat colors used are consistent with the colors found within their home. (Photo by Dan Mayer)

I've taken a few snippets from this month's Country Decorating Ideas magazine that I've been admiring. I always tell myself I'm not country oriented when it comes to decor, mine is more an eclectic mix of modern and various others, but I do seem to lean more this way than I think. Nonetheless, these ones I thought were nice and I couldn't pass up sharing them.

mapA vintage school pull-down map with these old school chairs (to look like a bench almost) from the home of Boston interior designer, Kelly McGuill. (Photo by Kelly McGuill)

patioA 1950's green glider and that 1910 stitchwork pillow at photographer's Jenifer Jordan's guest cottage in Shelby, Texas. (Photo by Jenifer Jordan)

roomsOld bottle crates used as storage containers to hold recycling while wheels make it more handy to store under a desk.

Jan Halvarson


Fiona Cartolina said...

I have never looked at this magazine before probably because i am also afraid to classify myself in the country decor genre. But these images are great they have a slightly industrial sense to them. I like to think of this as more urban country :-)
Makes me feel more hip .
The map/bench image is beautifully styled.

Kelly George said...

I've wholeheartedly returned to this style of decorating after trying to abandon it for the last 10 yrs...I can't admit it's "country" either though.
I call my style "cottage eclectic". :D

FancyPants-design said...

I love the different color mat idea!! They look great with black and white photos!! thanks :)

porter hovey said...

I'm totally obsessed with these old bottle crates. They would just be perfect in an old farm house. Great idea!!

orange you lucky! said...

This different coloured mats for the picture frames is a great idea! I'm going to use it my home! h:)

michelle said...

Yup! Hate the "country" label. Amy Butler (fabric) has a great name for it which I like to use.....Midwest Modern.

Bespoke Letterpress Boutique said...

I love the vintage school map with and old school chairs - these pieces would hold so much history! How many children would have sat on those chairs, or learnt off the old school map - what a beautiful composition for the home!