make it! a cool new clock


I thought this d.i.y. up over the weekend for my newsletter and can hardly wait to pick up the ingredients. Inspired by a canvas grandfather clock I had seen here (thanks Fiona), I came up with a smaller version that you can make yourself pretty easily I would think. Here's the how-to:

Supplies Needed:

1 illustration of a clock (8.5" x 11")
1 t-shirt transfer
1 canvas cloth or (preferably just the cloth so you can iron onto it and then stretch it onto a frame)
or 1 framed canvas (this will just be trickier)
1 frame for canvas (if you go the cloth way)
1 clock mechanism kit


1. Download a clock illustration you like from one of the great image banks out there (this one is from or scan one in from an old book if you like. (Try to make sure the hands are not on the face, or photoshop them out if you have to).
2. Print it onto a t-shirt transfer
3. Iron the transfer onto the canvas.
4. Stretch canvas onto the wood frame unless of course you have a pre-framed one (just trickier).
5. Attach the clock mechanism to the place where the clock hands should be.
6. Voila! A cool new clock you made!

Jan Halvarson

3 comments: said...

Fantastic! I am totally going this! I'm linking to it on today's Daily DIY too!

Emily said...

Has anyone tried this? I like the idea of being able to put a pattern or something on also (I love photoshop/illustrator). I'm worried though, that the clock mechanism is heavy and will pull/sag on the canvas....

Jan Halvarson said...


I'm sure if you get strong enough canvas and it's pulled really tight, the mehanism would hold. I hope to be trying soon and will let you know how I do.