mailbox love


I've been bookmarking mailboxes (another entryway idea) for a while now and came across another recently in Domino Magazine (cul-de-sac chic) by Domino blogger, Nick Olsen. So I rounded them all up off my desktop, so to speak, with the idea to place a mailbox "inside" your home (by the door of course) to stash and remind you of all the items you need to grab before one heads out the door (letters to mail, cell, keys, etc). In clockwise order from the top: Vintage Time Card Holder (photo by Fiona Richards from Tinsel Trading, New York, No. 5 Mailbox from May 2006 Blueprint Magazine,, Chinese Letter Boxes, from, old fashoined rural mailboxes via apartment therapy, Ecco Traditional Mailbox from (via August 2008 Domino Magazine) and Tin Wall Pocket from Blue Bell Bazaar.

Jan Halvarson


Kelly said...

what an amazing collection! thanks for sharing your finds. love that one on the top so much i might break someone's leg for it! i'm kidding. maybe.


Laura said...

I love this selection, if only I didn't live in a tenement flat!

desiree said...

I have been on a quest for a new mailbox for the past couple of years. I love mailboxes. thanks for the info.

Julie said...

i dream of a special mailbox. everytime i view a prospective apartment, i always check to see what the mailbox is like! these ones are really lovely :)

Kim Vallee said...

These vintage mailboxes are so charming. I am working on a "mailbox inside your home" kind of post. You provide me more food for thought. Thanks!