loving these style shots


Love this picture from the online shop, Pedlars out of the UK. Beside the cute deckchairs (molded jelly canvas) what strikes me is that sweet little camping trailer. You just don't see them that small and that cute on this side of the world and the whole scene is so inviting.


I've seen this by Tracy Kendall stacks wallpaper before but not this version which was posted on Door 16's flickr over the weekend. It's from Studio Nommo.


We've all seen this before, but I never grow tired of it. Beautiful linen like these tea towels by Thornback and Peel for Pedlars hung on a clothesline outdoors. Just a great way to show them off. (There's that molded jelly again).

Note see left: Those pink jellies are going to be showing up on wallpaper (with cakes) soon according to Thornback & Peel's website).

Jan Halvarson


marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

I am so so loving those lines, beautiful

knack said...

These photos are so great! Thanks for sharing:)

lisa solomon said...

that first shot w/ the chairs/mini RV's is priceless