affordable art

il_430xN.32951393From the Dream Book Nr. 6, Dear Dodo's shop

hugeState of Consequence, Criswell Lappin from the So-Cal Fire Poster Project (via Pret a Voyager), $35

Girl put your records on, elloh, $24

il_430xN.30925860Red inital letter in a black letterpress vignette mat, Yee-Haw, $15

Jan Halvarson


Fiona Cartolina said...

The top piece by Dear Dodo is really interesting - I love that you can't tell if it's vintage or contemporary - I suspect that it's both. Very cool vibe to it.

Alexis said...

Those are really cool! Perfect for my sister for the holidays!

Alexis from

Kate Heshan said...

Oh wow I am so pleased to have discovered such a wonderful blog. A visual feast.

sHandke ART said...

There is some great work here! I really enjoy looking through other artists' affordable prints. What an inspiration!