tea towels, hardware and pillows


I took a little visit to Anthropologie today, with the nudging of an email and was delighted to find this lovely cross-stitched cotton "cupful" and "love" hand towel, along with a fun new interface they have online to try out their hardware. You basically can choose from four different types of cabinets/dressers that would have knobs, and you can click on each one and try them out to see how they'd look. The above one shown is similar to my grandmother's dresser we have and I selected some beautiful turquoise jewel knobs. Below other knob samples along with two new colony pillows they have.

When one links to each individual item at Anthropologie it always takes you to the home page, even though you've linked to the correct item. So to navigate to the hardware section, click on "outside, all day" at the home page, then click on "hardware store".



Jan Halvarson


Eleanor said...

The knobs are so beautiful... I would want one of each.

Julie said...

The tea towel and pillows look so "cottagey" and summery! Beautiful!

Fiona Cartolina said...

I love those little butterfly knobs the colours are fab. And, silly me, I though those cupboards were real when in fact they are drawings.