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Contemporary Embroidery

Karen Ruane of Contemporary Embroidery is another talented friend of mine I’ve found through the blogosphere. She’s a phenomenal embroiderer and textile artist from the UK. Most her work is white embroidery on white silk, usually there’s a text element involved. Karen creates gorgeous wrapping cloths, which she describes as the result of her theoretical research into motherhood. These wrapping cloths are complex combinations of embroidery, fabric manipulation, text and pockets. For me they are a true sign of devotion. It takes countless hours to finish each cloth, but those hours could hardly be spent in any better way! I’m definitely not an embroidery expert, but – well, just look at the photos! - could there be any way to make fabric more fascinating?


Wrapping Cloth Five, detail

Wrapping Cloth Five, detail

Wrapping Cloth Six

Wrapping Cloth Six, detail

In addition to the wrapping cloths Karen makes smaller items like beautiful brooches (see this and this!) and small zip purses (this is my favorite). All her pieces are such works of art! I’ve never met such love for detail before. And I love details. I love things that reveal their complexity once looked more closely.
Take a look at Karen’s blog and read more about her work process (it’s fascinating!!), and don’t forget to go see her Etsy shop.

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Jan Halvarson


Jan said...

Thank you for sharing. These are completely stunning!!!

Eleanor said...

These are beautiful.

I keep seeing people wearing gorgeous, heavily starched cotton garments here in London. They look like folded paper.

Camilla said...

I love Karen's work so much- I hope this brings her lots of new admirers!

Victoria said...

I am a big fan of Karen's work, wonderful to see her featured here!