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Savilintu and Puhti will rock your socks


I probably jinxed myself and my city by posting photos of sunny days only! It’s been a gray and rainy day after such a long period of summery days. Nature was yearning for water already so it’s good too that the sun gave us a little break today. If you’re yearning for inspiration, make sure to visit the following two of my favorite Finnish blogs! Craft blogs are ever more popular in Finland too and there are some real gems among them. I chose to feature Savilintu (=earthenware/clay bird) and Puhti (=energy, dash, vigor, pep – whatever you may want to call it). They both write in Finnish, Puhti writes also in English, and it’s just about impossible to not fall in love with their photography! Very Finnish and always gorgeous!
Aino’s Savilintu currently on summer vacation, but you’ll enjoy browsing her archives even if you don’t know a word of Finnish! Aino is a magician with a sewing machine! She sews beautiful clothes and quilts, but what made me a true fan of hers are her dolls and of course her unbelievable photos. You can see more photos on Aino’s Flickr.


Isoinpapu, the biggest bean:), is a mother of six. Now I know some of you are sick and tired of bloggers posting about their children, but Puhti is something you don’t want to miss! Puhti is about sewing, crafting, children and great photography. These kids must be the best dressed kids in Finland (at least until I start reproducing)! And boy I am green with envy every time I see photos from Isoinpapu’s home! You can stop reading interior design blogs and meet a real Finnish home :) Creative chaos is the key to contentment.


Now the sun has come back! See how inspiring writing this post was! And well, you’ve been very kind reading this far, you can now go clickety click. Enjoy!

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Jan Halvarson


Janne said...

I love the three kiddies photographs at the end here. Beautiful shots!

Melita said...

Lovely children and the bluetop is wonderfully cut !